Two kayaks rest in the reeds at the bottom of the image, while the sun sets over the waterway in the distance.

Kayaking in the Monadnock Region

Getting out onto the water is a peak summer experience wherever you are. Here in Peterborough, we are surrounded by some beautiful waterways. What better way to enjoy them than with a kayak or canoe? To help you get the best out of summer kayaking in the area, we’ve listed a few places below! Located […]

A light cream colored Tuscan-inspired mansion on a sunny day, with hedges and gardens surrounding the front.

Wedding Planning in the Monadnock Region

The Monadnock Region is well known in the summer and fall for being an amazing area for weddings. The beauty of the area creates a perfect backdrop practically every season. We know a lot of time and effort goes into all the steps of preparing for a wedding, especially picking a venue. The region has […]

a light and dark green kayak it on the shore of a small lake

Enjoying Summer Around Peterborough

It’s safe to say our lives have taken on a new normal over these past few months. We’ve all had to adjust accordingly, and Peterborough is no different. As  New Hampshire continues to open back up gradually, the Monadnock Region offers many activities  to make your visit a perfect get-away!. We’ve put together a list […]

Landscape of Mount Monadnock, a mountain covered in snow with tree branches in the foreground

A Guide to Winter Fun Around Peterborough

Edited November 30th, 2021. The Jack Daniels Motor Inn sits in the heart of winter activity in the Monadnock Region and beyond. There’s something for everyone to do no matter your level of experience, providing tons of winter fun all season. Skiing is a seasonal staple in New England. With several different areas surrounding Peterborough, […]

covered bridge over a lake with fall foliage surrounding it

Foliage Drives Around Peterborough

Fall foliage is one of the best treats about autumn in New England. Whether you’re just visiting or have lived here for all your life, it’s always a pleasant sight to see the range of colors the leaves turn when everything begins cooling down. This past week the trees have been progressively bringing out their […]

Puggle dog walking through the woods

Easy Walks in Peterborough

Despite spraining my ankle a few weeks ago, the first nice day where I could go outside and have a casual, easy walk with my dog was heaven. I wasn’t the only person with this in mind either, as I ran into several others enjoying the reprieve from winter this year. It seems that spring […]

black dog looking back at camera while making his way down a trail through woods

Favorite Pet-Friendly Hikes In Peterborough

One of the best parts about taking a trip somewhere is being able to do it with your pet. Our furry friends are part of the family, so having them along for the journey when on vacation makes it even more memorable. Plus, Fido should be able to have a fun time, too! Almost all […]

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