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Foliage Drives Around Peterborough

Trees with turning leaves next to a river
Leaves changing just outside the Jack Daniel Inn!

Fall foliage is one of the best treats about autumn in New England. Whether you’re just visiting or have lived here for all your life, it’s always a pleasant sight to see the range of colors the leaves turn when everything begins cooling down. This past week the trees have been progressively bringing out their colors, so what better way to enjoy the sights then with a drive through the area? Whether you’re headed towards Keene or out towards Hancock, there’s lots to see as autumn comes into full swing.

Here’s a colorful drive through Greenfield and Hancock.  Starting at the Inn, turn left on Route 202. The Contoocook River is surrounded with changing leaves on either side of it. Even by the hotel there’s some great spots to enjoy the sight! In about a mile, bear right onto Route 136 and continue towards Greenfield.  In 4.8 miles, turn left on Forest Road toward Greenfield State Park.  You can stop at the park for a walk and some great foliage around Otter Lake.  Next, continue heading east on Forest Road for 2.6 miles – turn left into the Powder Mill Pond boat area. The Hancock-Greenfield Covered Bridge to your right is the perfect place to take some photos. You can drive over the bridge from there and come back out on to Route 202, or head straight across and in 1.2 miles you will into picturesque Hancock. You might want to stop at the Hancock Market or Fiddlehead’s café for a snack.  Follow Route 123 south for 2.4 miles, turn right on route 202 for 4.5 miles and you will be back at the Jack Daniels Inn. Check the map below for a full route to follow!

covered bridge over a lake with fall foliage surrounding it
The Hancock-Greenfield Bridge

Another great drive is to head out from the Jack Daniels towards Keene. Stop in downtown Peterborough for lunch if you haven’t eaten yet, then hop onto Route 101 West and take it towards Keene. You will see many gorgeous views of foliage across from bodies of water as you travel the 6 miles from Peterborough to Dublin. On clear days Mount Monadnock is also visible, which provides breathtaking sights of our favorite mountain surrounded by vibrant colors of fall. There are several convenient places to safely stop for photographs.

trees surrounding a body of water.
Beautiful views of leaves turning all shades!

Immediately past Yankee Publishing in Dublin, turn right on New Harrisville Road for a 2.8 mile drive to Harrisville. The mill town is absolutely lovely with the autumnal backdrop. Nothing quite says New England like foliage season in cozy towns like Harrisville., and it is not unusual for photographers to spend an entire afternoon here! You will find the Harrisville General Store for a delicious lunch or snacks.

Church and buildings against a river
Downtown Harrisville

If you still have some time, bear left onto Chesham Road and enjoy more views for 3 miles back to Route 101.  Turn left on Route 101 – in 1.5 miles, you will see Howe Reservoir to your left. Continue on Route 101 and you will find views of Mount Monadnock across Dublin Lake on your right. Continue east through Dublin and head back towards Peterborough to complete your fall foliage excursion!

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