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Being Green in Peterborough

green letters spell out Greenerborough below several farming and nature shapes
Learn how to be more eco-conscious at Greenerborough this weekend!
white triple dispenser for shampoo, conditioner and body wash in a shower
By having these dispensers in our shower, we can cut down on plastic waste!

This weekend Peterborough celebrates eco-friendly living with our annual Greenerborough Festival being held at the Conval High School. Greenerborough is a spectacular event where farms, businesses and their consumers are invited to participate in learning more about what they can all do to be environmentally conscious with their choices, as well as connect with one another. From a farmers market and petting zoo to presentations and exhibits, Greenerborough has been curated with great care to provide a platform for all participants to learn about our impact on the environment. The Jack Daniels Inn has kept these same thoughts in our own practices, down to special touches that help lessen our impact while taking care of our guests.

Blue bin with recycle sticker on it.
Recycling bins in each room means we can all help impact our environment positively.

Every year, we at the Inn take steps to further our green conscience. Our rooms feature many eco-friendly toiletries for our guests to enjoy, such as our shampoo, conditioner and soap dispenser in the showers that cut down on single-use plastic bottles. Energy saving light bulbs have been dispatched throughout the entire hotel to provide ample light while minimally impacting our energy use. We understand how harsh chemicals can be detrimental to not only the environment but people as well, which is why our rooms are cleaned by our housekeepers with all-natural cleaners as much as possible. Our rooms aren’t the only parts of the hotel that reap the benefits of our eco-friendly work. Biodegradable utensils are available for guests to use, that way fewer plastic ends up at the dump. Solar powered lights on our fences help keep the parking lot well-lit at night, we take great care in our recycling, and make conscious efforts to support our local farmers when fruits we serve are in-season.

certificate with hotel's name and recognition for achieving gold level green hotel.
Our award for achieving gold status in the green hospitality program for New Hampshire

Our impact on the environment is something we care about greatly at the Jack Daniels Inn. We take steps to curb our carbon footprint while providing our guests with the amenities they love and enjoy. Over the years our efforts have gained us several awards, such as TripAdvisor’s Bronze level Green Leaders for three years in a row, and the New Hampshire Green Hospitality Program’s gold level. We strive to continue our efforts and do more to lower our impact with every conscious change we implement in our practices.

For anyone interested in attending Greenerborough, be sure to stop by Conval High School from 10am-3pm on Saturday, May 4th 2019! Check out their website for a schedule of special events and conversations.

Woman holding up a wood star colored green with recycling symbol
We received the Green Star from the Peterborough Recycling Advisory Committee!

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