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Monadnock Art’s Fall Art Tour

A postcard of a road through fall foliage with the 25th Annual Art Tour's information faces upward, with the white back of another postcard behind it
The Monadnock Art Friends of Dublin Art Colony are celebrating 25 years of their Art Tour!

Last year many events were understandably postponed as folks preferred to wait until things were safer. One of those events was the Annual Open Studios Art Tour, which happens every October and gives folks a chance to meet artists in their private studios alongside their work. Presented by Monadnock Art/Friends of the Dublin Art Colony, they’ve returned October 9th-11th of this year for their self-directed tour. We were fortunate to see some local artists in Peterborough in 2019, so to give you a look at what kinds of things you’ll see, take a look below at the artists we met!

Artist Lauryn Welch stands in front of a studio wall with rows of small square artwork.
Lauryn’s small canvases were so well-detailed, we loved getting close to look at each of them!

While Lauryn is not on this year’s tour due to moving to New York, we started at her studio in Peterborough back in 2019. We really loved the small paintings she had as seen above, especially the closeups of textures and people. If you’d like to see more of Lauryn’s art and what she’s up to, head over to her website here!

Artist Ann Falby stands to the left of her sculptures that hang on the wall to her right.
We really loved Ann’s sculptures and how unique each one was!

Sharing a studio space with Kris Calnan, artist Ann Falby showed some of her artwork off in the same gallery that Kris had converted his garage into for the art tour. Her mixing of bits of nature she found in the woods along with more man-made materials creates stunning sculptures and more. Kris’ artwork can be viewed on his site here, giving you a taste of what you could see in person during the tour.

Artist Kris Calnan focuses on the canvas hung on the garage door, painting with black paint.
After we saw Kris’ artwork inside his garage studio, we got to watch him paint his view of the road!

Kris Calnan had set up a mini painting session during our visit, capturing the view of the street from outside his garage. Inside we were able to walk through his artwork – a mix of sculpted and painted pieces – along with his fellow artist Ann Falby’s artwork as well. Both Kris and Ann are participating in this year’s Art Tour, so be sure to stop by and see what new pieces they’ve made!

Artist Beth Krommes stands in front of a table draped with her textile work.
Beth’s patterns and textile prints were some of our favorite pieces! Check out Beth’s work here

These are only a few of the artists we got to experience at the last Art Tour, and there’s many more in the surrounding area that will have their studios open to the public during this year’s event. Head over to the Art Tour’s website to begin mapping out your own personal tour of arts in the Monadnock region!

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