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Picking the Perfect Pumpkin Around Peterborough

While picking apples is a must for fall, picking pumpkins is another favorite autumn experience. Being in Peterborough gives us many places to do so, and we’ve put a list together to share with you all.

Camera focuses on a pumpkin near the edge of the image with several others in the field stretching through the background. A red bar is at the far edge of the field.
Plenty of pumpkins are waiting to be picked at Windy Hill

If you’re looking to pick your own, Washburn’s Windy Hill Orchard is a favorite spot. As we’ve mentioned previously, they have their delicious donuts and apple picking, but they also have pumpkins waiting in a field to be taken home. Afterward, head over to the farm stand to get it weighed and check out the other offerings they include!

Orange cut out of pumpkins that reads Tenney Farm around the hole for posing in pictures. Behind a row of pumpkins sit on crates
Perfect photo op at Tenney Farm!

Pick up a pumpkin perfect for carving over at Tenney Farm in Antrim. They have several larger pumpkins to the side of their greenhouse, with others of varying sizes all around the front of the shop. There’s even a great standee to take photo with!

White indoor bench with orange pumpkins sitting on top and to the side
These pumpkins are waiting to go home for the fall.

In Jaffrey, New England Everyday Goods has pumpkins in varying sizes available along with some sugar pumpkins for baking needs. Grown locally, you can grab a gourd for whatever your fall decorating or cooking plans may be.

two rows of bright orange pumpkins with a walkway between. A greenhouse sits in the background
Rows upon rows of pumpkins at Trombley!

Trombley Garden in Milford has an ample amount of pumpkins laid out for those looking to snag a couple. Varying sizes  are arranged outside, with smaller ones over toward the farm stand itself. After you pick the perfect gourd, head over to their corn maze for some more fall fun!

A pile of pumpkins in the foreground, with a woman that has her arms raised above her head stands behind them
This pile of pumpkins is almost as tall as our friend Paige!

Also in Milford is Lull Farm with their pile of pumpkins just outside their farm stand. They have plenty of pumpkins to go around, whether you’re looking to decorate your table with mini ones, bake a pie or carve for Halloween.

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