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Prepping for Spring Around Peterborough

pink and white flowers in pots
Bright flowers waiting to go home with someone at Woodman’s!

Spring is right around the corner as we jump into March. While in New England that could spell unexpected snowstorms, it doesn’t stop us from already feeling that gardening itch. Our local stores are beginning to stock flowers, bulbs and other seeds, and I for one am brimming with excitement to prep my garden for veggies. Luckily for us, there are several must stop places around the Peterborough area that we’d like to share with you in hopes of inspiring your own gardening.

Jars of rocks and bark for creating terrariums
Bowerbird & Friends has the neatest terrarium supplies set up in the back!

Right across the street from the Jack Daniels Inn in Peterborough is Woodman’s Florist. This shop is open all year, and in the winter they offer seasonally festive decorations for your house. Also a great stop for cut flowers, bouquets and little gifts, Woodman’s has small plants ready to brighten up the interiors of your home (even if a coating of snow has made everything white again outside!) from daffodils to cacti. Be sure to head on in to their greenhouse as they open it back up the first week of March with bulbs and other starters.

Heading south, Bowerbird & Friends is located in Peterborough’s Depot Square. We’ve mentioned them a few times in other blog posts, but they are so fun and eclectic we couldn’t help mention them again. Not only does Bowerbird & Friends carry lots of inspiring décor for gardens and planters, they also have a little potting station in the back with succulents and air plants. These easy to maintain plants add a bit of greenery in your home, and Bowerbird is well equipped to help you in setting up a terrarium of your own.

metal two-tier tray on a shelf
I was in love with this handy tray – it would be perfect for arranging cut flowers or small plants as a centerpiece!

Heading east on Route 101 towards Wilton is Twin Elm Farm a consignment shop that has on more than one occasion inspired a few of us here at the Inn with our homes and gardens. There’s a treasure trove of gardening ideas waiting to be found inside Twin Elm Farm, along with unique and well curated finds. It’s hard to go in there and not walk out with something unique! The displays at Twin Elm Farm will put you in the mood to start decorating and preparing for spring, and sure to shed some light on a few ideas you might have in mind as spring approaches.

rows of multiple colored flowers inside greenhouse
House by the Side of the Road had so much in stock and blooming.

As you drive further east on Route 101, you’ll come across House by the Side of the Road. This locally owned gardening center is chock full of plants for all seasons and variety. Walking inside of the shop was like walking into spring itself; plants hung from the beams in hanging planters, orchids were in bloom, and pansies lit up the greenhouse with their colors. Today, they had daffodils freshly cut to take home as well for some lovely additions to kitchen tables, as well as a well stocked variety of succulents that I couldn’t resist. All of these places definitely are ready for spring, as made evident by the décor and offerings of plants and flowers that waited inside. It’s sure to put anyone into the mood for garden prep. If you need a little inspiration, visit Peterborough to to find something green and lively to place within your own home!

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