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Baking with Maple Syrup

New Hampshire’s Maple Month is here! March is a special time of year for all the sugar shacks in the state, especially Maple Madness Weekend on March 21st & 22nd. With Ben’s Sugar Shack so close to Peterborough, we decided to celebrate by making some of their Maple Snickerdoodle cookies!

counter with ingredients to make cookies
All lined up and ready to measure!

A trip to Ben’s to pick up some syrup was the most crucial part of gathering our ingredients.

margarine and sugar in a bowl
Time to cream the margarine and sugar!

One of the best parts about these cookies is how easy they are to make. We made them by hand, but if you have a stand mixer it’ll make them even easier.

margarine and sugar mixed evenly
Nicely mixed together.

Creaming the butter with the sugar helps make the cookies stay fluffy in the oven when they bake.

margarine, sugar and maple syrup mixed together
Time to add the best ingredient!

The most important part! Adding Ben’s Maple Syrup into the batter. Mixing this together smelled amazing.

Dry ingredients added to the wet mix
It’s important to mix the dry gradually!

Adding the dry to the wet in stages helps keep the cookie dough evenly mixed and of the same consistency.

bowl of sugar for coating the cookie dough
The fork made it much easier to get these out of the bowl after.

Rolling the cookie dough balls in the sugar mixture will add the perfect bit of sweetness to them once they’re cooked.

rolled cookie dough balls arranged on a pan
Time for the oven!

In they go! Remember how the syrup smelled adding it to the batter? The kitchen smelled even better once they were baking.

Cookies on a plate
Fresh from the oven!

They’re done! We won’t tell anyone if you ate one (or two) after they cooled. We certainly had a few ‘taste tests’ ourselves. The cookies came out wonderfully, with the syrup adding a perfect maple flavor that really kicks off the sugaring season. If you want to make these cookies at home, be sure to check out the full recipe here on Ben’s Sugar shack Facebook, and stop by for free tours every weekend in the month of March!

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