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Favorite Pet-Friendly Hikes In Peterborough

One of the best parts about taking a trip somewhere is being able to do it with your pet. Our furry friends are part of the family, so having them along for the journey when on vacation makes it even more memorable. Plus, Fido should be able to have a fun time, too! Almost all of us here at the Jack Daniels Inn are dog owners, and being able to enjoy a few hours out in the woods or climbing a mountain with our dogs with such great weather to do so in adds to the charm of the Peterborough area. To help you plan your next visit with your four-legged best friend, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hikes.

Shieling State Forest was mentioned in our last blog post, but one of the best draws to this is that you can bring your dog on leash to enjoy such a casual hike. It only takes about 40 minutes round trip to make your way through, and is perfect for all ages in the family. I take my pup there often since it offers shaded trails, a picturesque brook and a quick and enjoyable trek for both of us. My dog loves going here, since the trails are easy for his little legs.

Edward MacDowell Lake & Dam offers a lot of things to do for the entire family, but while the dogs aren’t allowed on the beach you can take them for a nice hike through the trail that runs the perimeter. There’s two spots you can go on: one offers a gravel, flat path on the right while the trail on the left goes more into the forest. This trail is one of my favorites for my dog, and I try to take him at least once a month. The trail is a long one with beautiful views of the lake and the Nubanusit River near the end, which provides a small rocky spot that means dipping your toes in the chilly water and cooling your dogs off. Should you go on the gravel path on the right (which I recommend if you would prefer a much shorter hike as the other can take a while) you can find a bench near the edge of the lake to relax by. Just a bit further down is a boat launch, for any that like to take a canoe ride with their canine companion.

For those looking for a longer trek with their pets, Miller State Park allows your pups to come along with you on a hike up Pack Monadnock. While Mount Monadnock does not allow dogs (and probably best – it has some rocky spots that could hurt their paws), Pack Monadnock has an auto road that you could either walk or drive, or head into one of the trails from the parking lot for a longer hiking experience. Taking the trails will put you at about 2 hours of a hike, but believe us when we say it’s worth it. Once you get to the top you will be rewarded with quite a view of the valley. Still want some nice views with your dog but don’t have the time? Right across the street from Miller State Park is Temple Mountain State Reservation. Once a ski spot, it takes about 30-40 minutes round trip to head up the old maintenance trail to the top of the mountain but offers some amazing views as well. I was graced with a high energy dog, so these kinds of hikes mean he sleeps like a baby.

Next time you come to visit Peterborough with your pet, why not try one of these great hikes out? Our Inn has four pet friendly rooms to help make your vacation even more memorable with dog in tow, while our spectacular area gives you lots of fun things to do alongside them.

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