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Picnic & A Play the Peterborough Way

The Peterborough Players are a quintessential part of our local culture that’s been in operation since 1933. We’ve talked about them a few times, like in our Holiday 2017 blog post. But with a summer season that’s chock full of amazing shows to enjoy, we thought what better time of year to take you on a tour of our special Picnic & A Play Package here at the Jack Daniels Inn.

goat cheese salad on a plate
Delicious salad at Nature’s Green Grocer before the play!

Start with a meal. A curated picnic basket featuring a meal for two from Nature’s Green Grocer’s café is yours to enjoy. There’s different options on where you can take your picnic, but I’d recommend at one of the picnic benches on the Peterborough Players property itself. The property is always so gorgeous no matter the time of year. If you’d rather opt for a Dining Dollar voucher instead of the basket, you can always use it at one of the participating restaurants in town before heading to the theater instead.

Finish up your evening with two tickets to a show of your choice at the theater. Once you’ve eaten, you can head inside the playhouse where there’s wine or homemade treats available. This is also a great time to see what other shows are within that season’s lineup, enjoy a glass of wine before the show or even just chat with other guests. As the clock ticks down, the doors to the stage will open and you can head on in.

Pathway headed towards the playhouse
Entrance into the Playhouse!

If you haven’t seen a play at the Peterborough Players before, then imagine an intimate and rustic barn turned playhouse. The show I went and saw was Tru, starring Peterborough Players regular Kraig Schwartz as the main character. While Tru is wrapping up the last weekend of June, the Second Company is still putting on The Wind in the Willows until July 21st. Starting July 4th will be The Skin of Our Teeth, which was written by Thornton Wilder. To see all nine shows within the summer season lineup, be sure to check here. Peterborough Players have something for both adults and children alike, and make a perfect place for families, couples and theater lovers of all types to experience a tradition that has been part of the area for over 80 years. An amazing meal, one night’s stay at the Jack Daniels Inn, and two tickets to the Peterborough Players gives you all the things you need to make such a special occasion even more so within our Picnic & A Play Package.

Two play tickets
Tickets for two

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