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Preparing for Spring in Peterborough

February weather is always uncertain here in New England. Some years we get to take advantage of lots of snow with skiing, snowshoeing, and shoveling. Other years it begins to warm up quickly (and surprise us with more snow the day after a ‘heat wave’). One thing that is certain though, our yearning for warmer weather kicks off preparation for spring gardening. 

flower bulbs arranged in a wooden box with green stalks
We can’t wait for when our bulbs start to sprout this year!

To help you get in gear for your spring gardening, we’ve checked with the pros at our garden centers and more to find ways to bring spring a little early. Bulbs are already in the ground for the spring flowers, but that doesn’t mean you can begin preparing with some seed starts and garden planning!

Aisle shelving lined with starter pots and trays for gardening
Agway’s shelves are stocked with all your planting prep needs!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac, published right next door in Dublin, has a great online garden planner for 2021 to help you prepare. For seed packets, starter trays and more, our local Agway has a whole section already prepared for beginning your gardening. You can prep any early starts indoors, especially some of those veggies! And don’t forget to pick up potting soil when you visit!

Rows of pink flowers and hanging plants in bloom
Begonias and more are already in bloom at House by the Side of the Road!

House by the Side of the Road in Wilton is another great place to stop in as you get started on your spring planting. The “Gardening Tips” page on their website if full of great information for new and experienced gardeners.

Two buckets with daffodils and grab and go bouquets.
Daffodils are super popular options for spring bouquets.

While you wait for the outside to warm up enough to get your plants in the ground, you can get beautiful floral bouquets from Periwinkle Flower Shop in downtown Peterborough. A nonprofit flower shop, their mission is to provide happiness with their flowers while growing their community as they partner with Perfect Peace Inc. You can learn more about their mission on their website, and visit for a bouquet to bring home!

Several ceramic hanging pots hang above a table full of more pots
Unique and fun pots at Bowerbird and Friends are a great way to change up your indoor plants!

If you’re looking for a change of pace for your indoor plants, Bowerbird and Friends has you covered. With a year-round supply of unique pots, air plants and succulents available also in downtown Peterborough, there’s something fun and different waiting to go home with you!

Image on the left shows a barrel with fake poinsettias covered in snow, while the image on the right shows the same barrel in the spring with blooming flowers
Our barrels are still holding on to their winter look, but we can’t wait to get back our spring flowers!

Our whiskey barrels out front change with the season, so we’re excited for spring to come here at the Jack Daniels Inn too. We’re looking forward to welcoming Spring for our guests with a pop of color after the thaw!

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